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Once upon a time, beetles lived comfortably in their villages, surviving on what the forest offered. However, during their mating season, the Great Frog attacks the village, stealing all the larvae to eat them later. Enraged, our hero, Beetle Sentai Ranger, decides to use his powers to save their future generation.

Game and engine developed in C++ during the first semester of 2018, in University of Brasília's Introduction to Game Development course. During the course's awards, we had notable placements in all categories:

- Best Art, 1° Place
- Best Soundtrack, 1° Place
- Best Implementation, Honorable Mention
- Best Game, 2° Place

Game's Source Code: https://github.com/0ZeroZeus/Beetle-Sentai-Ranger/tree/master

Install instructions

Just run the "JOGO" executable file. If there are any issues (weird resolution, bad optimization, not opening the file at all), open the terminal in the game's repository, enter "make clean" and later "make". After that, a new executable file should be created with your device's specs in mind.


Beetle-Sentai-Ranger.zip 31 MB

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